Reflections About Chemical & Botanical Formulations – Time For A Healthy Choice

Reflections About Chemical & Botanical Formulations – Time For A Healthy Choice

Your well-being is our paramount concern. And staying close to nature is the key. We at The Palm Care Company have similar thoughts about the products we manufacture and hence

For us, you are special, and your skin deserves the best of natural care.

Let’s dive deep into the formulations of skincare products and help you take an informed decision.

Know about the formulations

Why is it necessary to stress on the botanical aspect of skincare formulations? Don’t we see these skincare products promising wonderful effects on the skin? Why would you need to know about what’s the formulation made of?

Let’s get it straight. You rarely get full information about the skincare products you purchase. The market is full of cosmetics, skincare products manufactured using chemical components. Did you ever try to discover what these chemical components are and what effect they have on your well-being? Not your fault. It’s on us to let you know the full details. We are a responsible skincare company. We put the highest priority efforts towards our consumers safety.

We shall try our hand in giving you the needed information.

How harmful are the chemical formulations?

Not to scare you, but it’s really not a very pleasing scenario to talk about the chemicals in the formulations of cosmetics. There are more than a dozen chemicals that go into making cosmetics and skincare products. Most of these products don’t even mention these ingredients on their packaging.

Some chemicals in formulations used may disrupt endocrine hormones. Increase the risk of ovarian cancer by 20%. Chemicals in some sunscreen products may accelerate cellular damage even at the DNA level.

Preservatives used can irritate skin, eyes, nose, and the respiratory tract. Preservatives can cause cancer among those with high levels of exposure.

Chemicals used in colour restorers can cause skin irritation, allergies. Ingredients used in psoriasis and dandruff treatments can cause skin rashes, inflammation of hair follicles.

Preservatives found in soaps, hand wash, and toothpaste cause hormonal disruption. Using some nail polishes have been linked with short-term neurological effects such as dizziness, euphoria, hallucinations, and headaches.

Did you really think it’s going to be easy? This is a real-world situation. But you must also know that The Palm Care Company products use none of the above-mentioned chemicals.

You must also know we go with pure herbal, botanical (plant) based formulations. None of the chemicals will ever make their way into our products.

What are Botanical Formulations?

Botanical ingredients are directly derived from plants. These generally include the extracts from plant seeds, flower, root, and stem. The extracts go through cycles of processing to create nature-friendly formulations. These formulations are not mixed with any man-made chemicals in the process. The result is nature-friendly products that act gently on your skin without any of the harmful chemical effects but provide all the benefits.

A few examples

Botanical extracts are plant-based therapeutic compounds. These are extracted through various methods. One of the most important botanical ingredients is essential oils. These extracts bring the most effective and needed properties but in a safe and natural format.

Using these in cosmetic formulations is not only safe but also cost-effective.
Some examples of plant extracts are water-based. These water-based extracts can be included safely inside your skincare products like toners and spritzers or emulsions (creams and lotions).

Now you see the difference?

These are some of the amazing plant-based extracts helping us create nature-friendly products. Do you now understand the difference between Chemical &  Botanical formulations? Which one would you prefer to go to?

The Palm Care Company is all about the botanical formulations. Being close to nature has huge benefits. Chemicals may provide fast results but would destroy your health in the long run. Always say yes to botanical formulations and no to chemicals. Your wellness is our priority. Be natural, buy natural, be safe.

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