Meet Charlie

Our Actions impact Nature...

Most people think Charlie is from Asia, though no one has found evidence of him belonging to any specific country. Maybe, it’s because Charlie has always been a mover. He’s been spotted in Tokyo sampling fresh tofu and Soba, seen perusing old Botany books at the Sassoon Library in the Mumbai monsoon, bumped into by the river in Luang Prabang. Some claim to have played a game of street cricket in Colombo and others swore he was sipping espresso in a Bangalore cafe. Charlie knows his spices, his coffees, his tea, he is a loyalist to the plurality of the world, and that’s precisely why he has such good taste.

Our actions impact
Nature, it can shift
in every step you take,
in every bite you take, in
every new stuff you wear’

We know Charlie is wise, but his wisdom comes from the greater idea that we are all connected, all in charge of making the spectacular happen. Equally invested in making the world a better place to live in.

We can’t promise you’ll find Charlie, but we invite you to follow us, find him in your own special way. Live his ideas right from where you’re sitting. Ready to join his quest?