What Guides Us ?

  • Small Fresh Batches....Always !!!

    Our customers are our loved ones. To ensure we make only the best products for you, we decided to stay a small batch skin-care company. We focus on just one or two product ranges at a time and make them with love. As a result, our products do not contain harmful preservatives or anything else that’s nasty. Just safe, carefully sourced, natural ingredients.
  • We don't make compromises.

    The Palmcare company emerged from a very, very simple impulse. We want to be honest with you, the customer, right from the outset. We don’t cut corners, we don’t make compromises, because we value quality and commitment. Most importantly, we keep our customers away from bearing the costs that quality products bring along with them.
  • We kept your interests in mind.

    When we set out to do this, we wanted to get it right. We spent months researching, coming up with the best way to bring you a quality product. We kept your interests in mind, we experimented, we sought out emerging lifestyles, we rejected many, many ideas that might be considered pathbreaking.
  • Join our quest?

    Most importantly, we never lost sight of our original impulse, to provide quality products without hyperinflated prices. Our products always keep you in mind and are made with the finest produce, we are a constantly evolving team. The only question remains, do you want to join our quest?

Good for You, Good for the Planet.....

  • Ingredients

    What we leave out is just as important as what we put in.